Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My 5* cents on the Lucas Arts news today... ( *Canada no longer trades in pennies)

LUCAS sold his shit to DISNEY—- HE SOLD IT.  If he really cared about what was happening in LucasArts, and wanted to secure the future of that part of his legacy he should have hung on to it.
i love Star Wars, my Dad took me to see A New Hope in ‘77 we stood in line outside a theatre in Edmonton, Alberta, i was 4 and it was my FIRST fandom experience that i remember ( that and seeing Peter Pan) 
Disney made a business decision to licence out the video games.  It happens.  
Considering all we know about actual evil companies in the world, who do not give a shit about their employees, or the environment or anything in general other than a profit.  Disney laying off the gaming section is not huge.
Save your hate for multinationals that deserve it.  
As my 12 year old just pointed out, now Bethesda Star Wars free roamer, like fallout!