Saturday, March 23, 2013

thoughts on atheism

In my experience some atheists are just as, if not more unreasonable and offensive as the Christians they rally against. 

As a Christian i respect your right to believe or not believe in God. I will joyfully give you my testimony and tell you why i am thrilled to be beloved of our Savior- i will tell you what he has done in my life, and what he continues to do.

But i will not get into a debate on God's word, i wont engage in a verse against verse bible battle with anyone. I will not permit you to devalue me because of my beliefs. 

i also will not listen to anyone who wants to tell me that GOD hates. OR that God wants anyone to judge and spread hatred. To do any of those things is to devalue the great gift God gave us in His Son Jesus Christ. 

He died so that we could exist in a new covenant with God. A life with not condemnation, a life abundant in God's love, a life filled with the joy of the Holy Spirit. 

Do not confuse the hatred of small minded people with actual Christianity. Pity them, pray for them. But do not paint us all with the same brush. And remember God's love is unconditional, you might not believe, but i do and when i pray for you, i know that He will hear me.

thanks for reading xx


  1. I'm not Christian but I do believe in God. Adi, you are the best type of Christian I encounter because you have your faith and you share it but you are not the type to make someone uncomfortable with your faith. It is yours and you share but you do not demean others who do not believe as you do.

    1. **hugs** thank you Lise!!! Love you!!!

    2. **hugs** thank you Lise!!! Love you!!!