Friday, August 16, 2013

i have disappoint

So Disney's Malecifent is not REALLY evil

just another 'victim' of circumstance

WTF…. We are going to REDEEM Maleficent now??? It was not bad enough that we have EQ getting this backstory via OUAT because we have to be able to pity the evils … But now we are taking the ULTIMATE Disney villian, the one that taught us, that sometimes people are JUST EVIL.  Sometimes bad things happen for no justifiable reason
Well, now we are giving her a justifiable reason to become evil, I am concerned that we are making excuses for people
It can’t be my fault i turned into a drug addict that beats the crap out of people and breaks into convience stores… it’s cause i had a rough time growing up, single family, bad school…. HOW could I possibly be responsible for evil doing? Society is the problem not me

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