Wednesday, October 22, 2014

the romance of self medication

i’ve had mental illness all my life, i had my first depressive episode when i was six.
The idea that you can self medicate with drugs is always there, like, when i am really really depressed i know, i could, induce mania. 
But i do not. Do i think i am strong? NO. i know i am lucky, that it would be just as easy for me to be stuck in a cycle of mental illness and self medicating with drugs and alcohol as it is to type this.  
Addiction is a crap shoot, your upbringing, your genetics, where you live, who you were friends with, any and all these things can make the difference between being an addict, and not being an addict.
That’s why i get so nervous around people who misuse alcohol, or who do drugs, especially the ones who say that weed is ‘safe’
It’s not safe.  Maybe it is not dangerous for everyone, but it changes how your brain works, and can cause a break in people who are prone to mental illness.
You might never have mental illness in your life, even though you are at risk for it, until you start using, cocaine, weed, meth, all these drugs change the chemistry in your brain.
do research, be careful, and examine why you are tempted to use, if you are self medicating, get help.

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